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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

As Special as it Gets

This was an amazing project. I had taken a trip to Park Valley to see my Grandmother's Grave. The house she grew up in is abandoned yet beautiful. My Grandmother's parents were immigrants from Switzerland.

I walked down the dirt path with my daughter's hand to the back of the house. I was nervous not knowing what animals may be lurking. I stepped up onto the creaky porch past an old broken wide-open fridge. I could see broken glass on the porch. I kept my eyes open wide, I could hear something coming. I wondered if it were some big bull dog. My heart sped up. Backing up because I was scared, I picked up my little girl, ready to run. There they were, about 5 little cute puppies. It scared me to death!

I stepped back up onto the porch looking inside. I could see the old fireplace boarded up. We reached inside to get some wall paper.

I wanted to take somethings back with me to produce for me, my mom, and my sister.

Well, with the glass from the house, I cut it to size, cut out the wall paper, and found some vintage photos of my Grandmother. My Grandmother died when my mom was 10. She wrote some letters to my mother to have her open on Birthdays. My Grandmother would always say "Be Good". I added a charm to remind me to "Be Good".

So special to have a piece of my Grandmother everywhere I go.

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Special Orders


Special order pendants are priced as follows:

$16-$19 Pendant (price of the size of pendant) $16-$19

$3 special order fee (for photoshop work)

Chains seperate

When you would like to order, email me with this info. at GlitzyGlassStars@gmail.com

Front; picture....

Back;picture or background, do you want it to say anything?

Frame; silver, copper, black

Frame Edge; straight edge, large wavy, scalloped, victorian scalloped

Another fun thing is to have matching Mother-Daughter necklaces.

Additional questions email me at GlitzyGlassStars@gmail.com.

These are some of my favorite special orders. I love how meaningful they are to the individuals. One of them had a mother who died of breast cancer, hence the pink ribbon. There have been a lot of women who's children have died who request a special order pendant or bracelet with an initial or sometimes they have photos and quotes (see bracelet). You can make something really meaningful.

Email jpeg pictures to glitzyglassstars@gmail.com

Beveled Glass Sizes (can custom cut flat glass!)

Sizes available


.75" x .75" $16, 1" x 1" $17 , 1.5" x 1.5" $19
-- (sometimes the 1.5" square is the best size so you can see the photo well)


.75" x 1" $16, .75" x 1.5" $17, 1" x 2" $19
(most popular size)

Round: available in Large 1.5" (approximately) $19

Diamond: 1" x 1.5" $19

Name: Special Order

Additional $3 for editing photos and extra time

Pendant Price
Options for Special Order Pendant
Name of Pendant Shape/Size

Custom Initial

Classic Monogram
Name: "Purple Antique J with mirror back"

size 1" x 1" $17, 1.5" x 1.5" $19
Name: : "Old writing Antique H"
size 1" x 1" $17, 1.5" x 1.5" $19
Monogram front (initial A)/back (fleur)
Name: "Lacy Solid Grey Letter with Fleur Back"

size .75" x 1.5" $17, size 1" x 2" $19
Name: Custom Initial Pink Rose "J"
.75" x 1.5" $17, 1" x 2" $19
Custom Initial
The Custom Initial is great for your own name, child's name, or if your doing a picture of a vintage photo of your mother, use her initial. The reverse side is a mirror in the 1" x 1"

Pendant Price/Size
Options for Special Order Pendant
Name of Pendant


I hand string the pearls. They have a lobster opening in the back. There is a Hook to interchange pendants with.
Name: Regular Pearls $8.50


Name:"Chunky Pearls" $16.00

Chunky Pearls

Beautiful Chains for your Pendant

The chains are soldered, sterling silver. The very thinnest chain opens in the back and you slip the pendant on the chain.
Name: Thin Hand made chain $8.50
Other chains fit over your head and have a hook for the pendant at the bottom. Sterling silver, very good quality. Everyone who buys these love them!
Name: Drawn Cable Chain $16
Name: Open Oval Chain $16
Name: Marque Chain $16
*If out of stock it takes me personally approximately 2 to 4 days to get them in.

Chain Names

Colored Glass Pendants

Any color of glass can be made into a pendant. It is fun to have solid colors to keep it simple and wear with your outfits. I also like to combine the colored glass pendants with the other regular beveled pendants.
Name: Colored Glass Pendants
Size varies, approximately .75" x 1" $8 to $6

Pendant Size
Pendant Color
Regular Edge/ Crazy Edge

Beads on a Lobster Claw to Attach on things

These look great to clip onto the pendant. I love to put it with a chain, pearls look good still. Lots of people buy them for Zipper Pulls too.
Name: "Beads on a Lobster Claw" $4

Beads on a Lobster Claw